Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adriana Lima done it’s first photo shoot after having baby

Yen strengthen further, EUR/JPY on fresh 8 ½ - year low
JPY is displaying a notorious sweeping effect across the FX Market, smashing major currencies across the board. The Japanese typhoon shook off the market without making concessions at all. The currency is driven mostly by risk aversion on Europe debt concerns coupled with a faltering economic recovery.

Against its main rival, USD/JPY dipped down to 88.52, extending its 7 week low. EUR/JPY crushed nearly 200 pips to hit a new fresh 8 ½ year low at 107.80, not seen since November 2001. Current price is resting at 108.05, GBP/JPY also fell to 132.95 level, while AUD/JPY was sagged to 75.72, marking a fresh new 3-week low.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Flashes Cleeavage In Attempt To Land Husband

College students are usually too late to learn the difference between what their needs and wants are. Around 1.6 million individual bankruptcies have been filed in year 2003. That was up by 7.4% from the previous year. This has been found in the U.S. Courts' report and it suggested that many the majority of the U.S. adults has not yet grasped the idea of personal finance or the basics of it.

So it's not the wonder of the century that the majority of the college kids do not know the art of handling money either. While their parents want nothing but the best for them, they do not hesitate to provide what these young ones wanted. Unfortunately, fiscal responsibility at times gets lost in designer clothes, fancy piano lessons and high end cell phones.

Richard Boyum, a professor of counseling and psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, commented on this recently. According to him, typical college students more or less take money management seriously, but picks up a few common mistakes as well.

"There's a whole world of opportunities to expend money and many students are under the assumption that money is meant to be spent, rather than saved," Boyum says. "One day I saw one of my students showing off in brand a new and expensive looking jacket. She said the jacket's retail price is $200, but she got it somehow on sale and managed to 'save' $100. Then I said to her, 'Show me that $100.' And I explained that she hadn't saved the $100, she'd actually spent the $100! This analogy surprises most students, though."

Many young adults are troubled with their credit cards. To them, the credit limit is a juicy invitation to keep spending till it hits that limit. These people are considering it to be their own money. What Boyum tired to explain to his students is that credit always comes from a bank--not grandpa. Surprisingly enough, this ideal was like a wake up call for some students: Banks exist to make lots of money and consumers must pay thick interest on the balance when they've missed the deadline or due date.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Show Off Luba Klaar Om Te Zwemmen

If you've read Jack Schwager's 'The New Market Wizards,' he finds there are three things the best of the best traders have in common. One of them is they all have an edge in trading. What is meant by having an edge?

It means having a unique approach, system or perspective on the market that is tested, clear and unique. They find these edge's and apply them to the markets. Your goal as a trader is to find an edge. The question is which one?

In reality, there are many edge's which will work. There are tons of traders who can make a system work while others cannot with the same system. It is not too important which one you take as long as it has;

a) an edge

b) it matches your overall personality

Finding an edge with a in place is not hard, finding one with b takes a little more effort because it requires you to understand yourself. It means finding a trading method you can trade and live with day in day out - not something that satisfies your ego or fantasies of what you'd like trading to be. We all want to make boatloads of money as fast as possible - this is the time of instant gratification. And rightfully so, who wouldn't prefer making money now as opposed to 3mos or 1year later?

The bottom line is you have to find an edge that is adaptable but to find an edge you have to understand how things work and what to look for. Once you have those, you can go about finding an edge. What we are going to cover in this eBook is;

1) How things work in the forex market

2) How to find the 'where' to get in

3) How you can get an edge knowing these two things

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Katy Perry was the highlight of the MuchMusic Video Awards

EUR/USD. Uptrend broken

EUR/USD (1.2287) is down slightly overnight. It rallied a bit in Asian trading before selling off hard in the European morning. It is stabilizing coming into the US open. After failing at 1.25 Monday, spot slipped and has since stabilized. However, the lack of upward momentum has caused it to breach the recent uptrend.

Data release: Euro Zone industrial orders rose less than expected (0.9%, consensus 1.6%). Nonetheless, the EUR has managed to stabilize after selling off earlier in the European day.



Trend: Daily higher; Weekly higher.

Overbought/Oversold (stochastics): Daily neutral; Weekly oversold.

Support / Resistance Levels: Support for EUR/USD lies at 1.2245 (Jun 23 low), 1.1877 (Jun7 low), 1.1827 (Mar’06 low), and 1.1640 (Nov’05 low). Resistance lies at 1.2487 (Jun21 high), 1.2672 (May 21 high), 1.3094 (May10 high), 1.3692 (Apr12 high), 1.3818 (Mar17 high), 1.4026 (Feb3 high), 1.4194 (Jan25 high), 1.4579 (Jan13 high) and 1.4626 (Nov low).



The CFTC, EUR, non-commercial, net position (-55K) moderated sharply, consistent with the recent uptrend in EUR/USD. However, we’d caution that after the position moderated from a record +119K in May’07, EUR continued to strengthen from 1.35 to 1.60.

The risk reversal (3m, 25delta) slipped overnight along with spot, but remains within its uptrend from the record low as the options market attempts to price in a rebound in spot.

Implied Vol (3m) ticked up overnight but remains in a downtrend from the highs since Apr’09.

Cross-asset valuation: The significant correlations that EUR/USD has during the past 60 days are the 5yr yield spread (positive), the 10yr yield spread (positive), the US10yr yield (positive) and the SPX (positive).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Megan Fox’s went to the ‘Johan Hex’ premiere

Short Term Car Lease - Is it Best For Your Needs?
In order to determine whether a short term car lease is best for your needs or not, you have to consider some important factors. These factors include your needs and preferences as a consumer, the amount of money you want to save, and your satisfaction with this kind of leasing deal.

When assessing your needs and preferences, you should reflect on some of your interests about driving cars. Ask yourself whether you are willing to handle the maintenance needs of a vehicle or not. If you are not interested to handle the long-term maintenance needs of any car, you should definitely go for a 3-month car lease. This would give you the chance to drive any car you want without worrying about the expensive costs of maintaining it and repairing it from time to time.

Aside from this, you should also consider the amount of money you want to save. If you want to generate huge savings while driving your dream car, a leasing deal is also your perfect choice. With a short term lease, you can easily drive any car you want without paying for the entire value of the car itself.

Lastly, try to reflect on your behavior as a consumer. If you easily get tired with any product you purchase, buying a car is not advisable for you. The only way to satisfy your constant craving for something new is by leasing cars on a short-term basis. When the contract ends, you can already jump to another leasing deal and pick any car model you would want to drive.